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    The idea of this sub-forum has come to me while I am in the process of writing my dissertation. As usual, whenever I face a difficulty and find an answer to it, I will be more than willing to share it with people. However, if you want to contribute to the sub-forum here, YOU NEED to read this caution. The point goes beyond the simple idea of altruism or good faith. Your contribution may cause you problems in the future, so let me explain it for you. Read carefully:

    1. Why this sub-forum about summaries?

    When writing a thesis or dissertation, a scholar needs to support what he says by citing the literature. Let us assume that the researcher wants to say in his thesis that:

    Students of translation suffer from challenges including cultural barriers, bilingualism problems and insufficient teaching methods.

    You will not, perhaps, believe that such a claim may require the researcher to consult with over 50 resources. He needs to prove that what he said in agreement with what previous research said. If it is in disagreement with previous research, the researcher needs to give solid explanations of the disagreement.

    In this sub-forum, we are posting every now and then a thesis question and we are all to search in the literature (books, papers, articles, etc) all that supports or disagrees with that thesis. By doing this, we are helping researchers to reach such information with ease so that they can save time and effort.

    2. What is the problem? Why should I be careful?
    You need to understand that once you publish a contribution here, it, unfortunately, enters the public domain. You may not be able at any subsequent point of time to prove in your own thesis or research that the summary you provided is yours. Plagiarists are unfortunately there and they just will take what you said and attribute it to themselves.

    3. Do you need to protect your work?
    In order to protect your work, you have to consult with a legal specialist in your country. There are several ways of copyright. What you can still do in your thread is to indicate the following information:
    "This analysis or summary is presented by [Name] and shared online under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License
    Any use of this analysis or summary shall be acknowledged."

    4. Be extra cautious. If you are working on a thesis or a paper, NEVER give any indication of anything that leads the reader to get knowledge of your research problem, methodology or findings. Just follow the structure that it given to you in Point 5.

    5. The Skeleton
    When you answer any of the threads, or when you make your own thread, make sure you comply with the following skeleton:

    A. APA Citation of the research with internet link, if any
    B. The point you are summarizing or asking people to help you with.
    C. The quotation that explains the point.

    See the example in this picture:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	howto.png Views:	1 Size:	100.1 KB ID:	1344

    Make your detailed items very crispy but informative.

    6. Where to post your contribution?
    Please, see an example of an issue raised in this subforum and follow the same steps. One important thing is that if you update a thread with new papers, do not post as a reply. Use the 'edit' option in the same thread and add the new reference.

    If in doubt, just take your time watching how things go in the main threads of this sub-forums, then you can start at your ease.

    7. Finally, if you are contributing to the forum by helping a researcher who is asking for help here, please make sure he notes that he will acknowledge your help in the acknowledgment section of his research.
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