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    The purpose of this thread is to point out to studies/papers that can feed legal interpreters with a basic knowledge about court systems. I am looking for legal resources, but of course we can use papers written on court interpreter training. All and every summary, compilation or/and analysis are shared under the Creative Commons License 4.0 Attribution should be made the user who has made the contribution. This thread initiator shall be attributed to Mohammed Y. Abu-Risha. Other threads or replies are protected at least under the same license for their initiators.

    - Questions of study under this thread: What is court/ Why does it exist? What is composed of? Who are the participants? What is the role of the judge?

    I am looking for resources supporting the following: 1) A judge administers justice 2) His role in a trial court: ascertain the facts, make deductions and reach a judgement between litigants

    1- Reference #1:
    Citation of Reference: Judicial Council of California (May 2013). Professional Standards and Ethics for California, Fifth Edition, Retrieved from on January 14th, 2019

    Opinion of writer: Interpreters must have knowledge of the professional practices at court.
    What does it say (quotation) "In the courtroom, the judge is the final arbiter of what is appropriate. The more prepared and informed you are about professional practices and the purpose of established norms and principles, the more you, together with all officers of the court, will be able to further the interests of justice. " Page: vi)

    2- Reference #2: I am looking for a legal reference defining in brief the basic composition of a regular court (without too much technical details)

    Citation of Reference: ...................
    Opinion of writer: ...........................

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