Summary of Brain Based Learning Theories

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  • Summary of Brain Based Learning Theories

    When we learn, neurons grow and connect with other neurons. This is why learning is biological.
    Growth of neuro-connection is called neuroplasticity. The brain remodel itself after learning.
    We need to increase those neuro-connections by:

    1. Repetition. This improves memory of patterns.
    2. Practice fundamentals. Slow down when you learn new things. This enables you encode correct techniques in your neurons. When applying your knowledge, make sure that you are APPLYING CORRECTLY, because you need to store correct knowledge in your neurons. Whatever you practice becomes permanent.
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    True and False test:
    1. Students can learn without actively paying attention. (True or False)?
    2. We use only 10% of our brains. (True of False)?
    3. Understanding a student's style can help us teach them better. (True of False)?
    4. Physical activities that cross the medline help students learn better through the integration of right and left brain. (True of False)?
    5. Some people are left-brained; others are right-brained. (True of False)?
    6. Drinking less than 6-8 glasses of water a day can make the brain shrink. (True of False)?
    7. Male and female brains are different, which means we need to adjust our teaching accordingly. (True of False)?
    8. It is useful to examine which of the multiple intelligences students have. (True of False)?
    9. The more dendrites children grow, the better they learn. (True of False)?
    10. Education cannot address learning difficulties caused by developmental brain differences. (True of False)?


    All of them are FALSE!!

    Heavy cognitive load: Yellow
    In order to read the color of the word, you need to apply 'inhibition', which takes much brain energy and effort.
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    للمشاركة في االدروس اضغط هنا

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