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Discussions about training material, particularly that displayed in the library. We also discuss with individual trainees their training tasks.

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Professional translators are doing some hard work here to meet their deadlines. They are helping each others in calibration. Only VIP members can access this forum.
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Hawraa- Trainee (10/125)
I am dedicating special sub-forums for trainees taking courses with me. All of their lessons will be posted here.
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Archived (8/42)
Arkan (2/48)
Trainee Alia (1/12)
Upcoming Courses (43/123)
هذا القسم من أجل طرح الأسئلة التعليمية الخاصة بدروس المكتبة. ملحوظة: لا يمكننا قبول أي اقتراح للتطوير إلا إذا صاحب ذلك الاقتراح بتفاصيل حول دورك في تنفيذ الاقتراح ومدى مساعدتك المالية في تنفيذه.
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Basic Translation Learning Discussions (Crawling Phase)
Introduction to legal English and translation between Arabic and English. Concentration is on concepts and contextual phrases.
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What does the judge do?
After a translator submits his work to the customer, a proofreader is going to check it. Common mistakes in Arabic may make the proofreader decide that the translation is weak or rejected. This course teaches those common mistakes and how to avoid them.
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This level includes several topics: Vocabulary building, Grammar, translation at the sentence level and reading skills.
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Intermediate Translation Learning and Discussions (Walking Phase)
Students, here, apply their knowledge acquired through the vocabulary-building and TOEFL exercises to render error-free translations. Cohesion, coherence and style are practiced.
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Weak translations from English into Arabic lack cohesion, have serious grammar problems, suffer from inefficient understanding and rendering of the intention of the original text. We practice, here, general translation skills involving words in context, grammar rules, intentionality, motivation and tone.
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Last Post: On diets
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On diets
Advanced Translation Training (Running Phase)
Translation of advanced texts but not in specialsied fields.
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Terms, concepts and texts in legal translation.
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Translation of laws, contracts, court decisions and the like.
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Most used clauses in contracts
Translation of NGO documents, such as those belonging to UN agencies.
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Media translation.
Political studies and articles in English and Arabic (in translation).
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We will take you in this course through the various levels of translation in economics and finance between English and Arabic.
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Translation of texts in management.
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