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    Many translators have complained that they receive unsolicited emails from other translators looking for some translation jobs. Typical emails include a resume, list of references and a cliche saying that the translator is an able person who can do lots of accurate work and will be happy to be on the team. This bad habit, in fact, began in the western world, so it is not the monopoly of Arabic linguists.

    But, marketing does not work that way.

    I understand that it is good, even essential, to have translation skills, so that one can convince his prospective customers, and here is the thing: a peer translator cannot and must not be your targeted customer. It is therefore necessary to change one's strategies of marketing and targeting. Your customers cannot be translation companies. Usually, they are self-sufficient and have their trusted pool of linguists. Your clients are companies that DO seek translation services, something like an oil company, a foodstuff company, and the like.

    While I am leaving this issue open for discussion, I need to make some points:

    1. If you do not put in some money in the marketing process, you cannot make significant gains. You need to create your website and design it neatly. You need to publish your work on blogs. You need to participate in western linguist circles. All of this requires lots of work but also lots of money in investment in increasing your profile.
    2. If you do not advertise for your services legitimately and publicly, nobody will see you.
    3. If you continue sending emails to people who have never requested your services, companies that receive your emails will likely discard them as spams.

    Now, as for me, I get really annoyed when people ask for work. I started real marketing (unintentionally) back in 2006 when I started participation intensively in translation communities on internet. It paid off throughout the years and I managed to get lots of jobs through those e-fora. But, I have also invested lots and lots of money throughout the years for that purpose and put lots of time.

    By the end of 2017, it is quite terrible that the market's share for translators is diminishing. There seems to be lots of translators' supply but very little demand from the market. Frankly, I have tried to market the services of other translators with companies and the shocking news from all companies was that they said "we have our translators but can you help us get more work?"

    The only thing I could do was to create a directory of tested linguists, a library and forums. I am requesting all members to post their resumes and samples of translation in the appropriate places. Nothing is charged so far until at least February 2018. I am personally investing lots of efforts, time and money on these forums and websites, and the only way that I can help is to give you one space for visibility. You still need to go elsewhere and participate in discussions in other forums and websites. You DO need to subscribe for translation directories elsewhere and they WILL CHARGE you for that subscription.You need also to meet and discuss successful marketing campaigns. We need to know which sites charge less and give more. If you have any idea, just share it with us.

    Read this article abour translators marketing

    Feel free to advertise for your service in the forums under the following conditions:

    1. You must post extensive samples of your work
    2. You must post your resume in the blogs
    3. You can market your service ONLY in the fields tepresenting your posted samples

    للمشاركة في االدروس اضغط هنا

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