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Hicham Ali Ahmad Mahmud  NASSAR






+ 962-79-5275616


Amman, Jordan


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I have been working as a conference interpreter since 1997. I hold the bachelor's degree in Media and Journalism from University of Algiers. He has been working as a conference interpreter and translator since 1997 (French-English-Arabic), in addition to his work at Radio Jordan- Foreign services (the French Department) as a news editor, press review editor and anchor.







University of Algiers



Bachelor in Communication (Mass Media) & Public Relations











(Full professionalism in writing, speaking, reading, and proofreading. (Mother tongue))










(Full professionalism in writing, speaking, reading, translating and interpreting)










(Full professionalism in writing, speaking, reading, translating and interpreting)








Freelance Work

Since 1997


Senior Conference Interpreter

I have been working as a conference and consecutive interpreter since 1997 between English, Arabic and French.







HT Radio- Private Radio Stations



Media Planner

Amman, Jordan.







PTC, Professionals Travel Company



Production Manager

Amman, Jordan.







Adonis, Travel & Tourism



Incentive, Production & Sales Marketing Manager

Amman, Jordan.







Radio Jordan-French FM



Broadcaster and Media Planner

Amman, Jordan.







Jordan Radio-French FM



News Editor

Amman, Jordan.







Al Arab Al Yawm (Arabic)



News Editor

Amman, Jordan.







Agence France-Presse (AFP)



Reporter & Editor








Opinion Newspaper(French)



Chief Editor








Opinion Newspaper (French)



Journalist (French)








Le Soir d’Algerie



Journalist (French)








Conference simultaneous interpreting and translator between English, Arabic and French.

Consecutive and liaison interpreting and translator between English, Arabic and French.

Voice-over; Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook Express.



Key Clients




Key Clients




I have worked on several projects with many organizations. Key clients include United Nations organisations, US Department of Defence, Jordan TV, Iqara Channel, Al Jazeera, Moroccan TV, Orbit, to mention a few.



Sample List of Conferences





Samples of my work in conference interpreting

Since 1997


This is a list of some conferences and events I have worked in as an interpreter. The list is not exhaustive though.

1. ISO Workshop ( November 2017 ) / simultaneous Interpretation Arabic-English-Arabic.

2. Canadian Embassy / Launching a new program ( November 2017)/ simultaneous Interpretation Arabic-English-Arabic.

3. Animal Disease ( November 2017 ) / Dead Sea/ simultaneous Interpretation French-English-Arabic.

4. Queen Rania Academy Workshop ( November 2017)/ Amman/ simultaneous Interpretation Arabic-English-Arabic.

5. Counter proliferation and Frontier Border security Program/ Simultaneous Interpretation, Tech Trans    International / Department of Defense/ Amman ( October 2013- Present)

6. UNICEF Equity Informed / French-English-French ( Dead Sea /September 2017).

7. ISO Workshop /English-Arabic-English ( Amman/August 2017).

8. Counterproliferation and tactical interdiction / Simultaneous and consecutive Interpretation / Tech Trans International/ DTRA / PSD ( Public Security Directorate/ special branch )/ JAF ( Jordanian Armed Forces)/ CDD ( Civil Defense Directorate)/ & (General Custom Directorate)

9. ISO & Institutions regulations/ Amman & Geneva ( November & December 2016 till present)                         

10. Lead Interpreters for CRT Project ( Crisis Response Team ) which started the 21st April 2016 Till Present at JIPTC(Jordanian International Police Training Center).

11. SATO For Translation / Event coordinator /Interpreter French-English-Arabic ( April 2016-Present)

12. JALS ( Jordanian Analytical Laboratory System) Training For Jordanian Armed Forces /Chemical support Unit/ Department of Defense/USA government ( January 2016 )/ Interpreter English-Arabic.

13. UN/ Climate Change/ Simultaneous / November-December 2015

14. UNODC / Container Control Program/ simultaneous Interpretation  ( 2015- Present )

15. Rule Of Law Project, US Embassy & USAID/ simultaneous Interpretation (September 2013- November 2013 )

16. UNRWA/ Provident Fund / simultaneous Interpretation (November 2015)

17. Pilgrimage season on Iqra'a TV (simultaneous Interpretation and team leader/ September 2013- Present)

18. Rule Of Law Project ( 12/13 September 2013 & 18/19 September 2013

19. Medical Events For Sanofi & Al Hikma Amman, Algeria & Tunisia ( September 2013 Till Present)

20. Rule of Law event ( 8/9/12 September 2013 )

21. USAID / Amman 24 August 2013

22. USAID / Dead Sea 26/27 August 2013

23. UNIDO Iraq / June 2013

24. UN Amman May 2013

25. OXFAM April 2013

26. Royal Jordanian National Defense College / Amman /Madaba/ ( 2007 - till present )

27. Talal Abu Ghazaleh Group ( Simultaneous & Consecutive Translator ) for many conferences such as Tourism Board, Media and Group Organization/ Amman/Dead Sea & Aqaba 2013

28. The Interpol-Asset Recovery Convention /Amman, Jordan

29. Search & Rescue workshop by the USAID (consecutive interpreter) Petra, Jordan

30. Gender discrimination convention /Amman, Jordan

32. Alternative and Efficient Energy conference, challenges and adaptations /Amman, Jordan

33. Climate Change and Its effect on the MENA region / Amman, Jordan

34. Family Planning Methods conference & Workshop / USAID, Amman, Jordan

35. The 6th Traffic Safety Conference, Amman, Jordan

36. The Free Trade Agreement workshop / U.S. Embassy Aqaba, Jordan

37. International Conference on E-learning and Blended Education: A Strategic Choice for Arabic Universities. Amman / Jordan

38. Arab Education Summit / Amman, Jordan from May 6-8, 2013



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